Saturday, August 13, 2011

August already?

Not only August, but almost half gone already!  I've been absent from posting for a while, with company here and other family things to take care of, but now I'm back and planning to post every couple of days.  Two pieces to show you today - the first is a finished and framed piece that's been ongoing for several years.  My mother brought this kitted pattern back from one of her trips to England, and it reminds me of the landscape in the north of England where we'd travelled at one time -  an area near to where some of our ancestors lived and where my father was stationed during WW2.   It's titled Cragside Farm, a Rose Swalwell design from Derwentwater Designs.   I stitched it on the 16-count Aida included in the kit, using the given cotton threads.  The framing was done by a great local framer here, Edie of Edie's Framing and Design - she always seems to know how to choose just the right frame and features. 

The second photo shows it mounted on the living room wall.  Sorry, the colours aren't quite true, the wall looks greyer than it actually is.   Mom also brought back a second kit in this same series, one titled "High Hill Farm" - hopefully, I'll finish it in a much shorter time than I did this first one!   Maybe I'll go out on a limb and say that I'm aiming to have it stitched and framed by this time next year, although there are several other pieces queued up first :) 

 The second project is an ongoing one with Sticklounge - an original design with the evocative title of "Heart Note Alley", by Kathy of Gracewood Stitches.  It takes its inspiration from fine fragrances - here's where Kathy explores some of the background of her design.  The Sticklounge Yahoo group is stitching it slowly, from the bottom up, so I'm able to fit in other stitching while I wait for the next part.  Here's what I've done so far in the first 5 parts that have been issued:

Our Sampler Guild has been talking about having a "UFO Challenge" this year, as members will attempt to finish up as many unfinished projects as possible.  Whether or not this is officially launched as part of our winter program, I've resolved to start on my own UFOs - some set aside for good reasons (such as not understanding the pattern or having to learn new stitches), but now it's time to complete them - watch this space ...........  :)