Friday, June 21, 2013

Just a brief current events note .....

(This was to have been a stitching update, but at the moment I've delayed that for a couple more days.)    Thanks for all who've checked on us during the current flood situation here in Calgary - we're fine, "high and dry", though we did have an "interesting" trip home from Waterton Park yesterday, torrential rain in places, and  re-routing because of flooding.    Thankfully, we arrived home safely and the guys at home said that the sump pump was working well and no other problems evident.   The city's coping well with a changing situation, and troops are on the way from an Edmonton military base  to help out in some of the rural communities that need extra assistance and specialized equipment.   I won't try to post pictures as I don't have any of my own - there are lots of photos and videos online if people google "Calgary flood 2013" or something similar!  Maybe I'll be able to do lots of stitching in the next day or so :)  

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  1. only just heard about this ... glad to hear you are ok and that things are being sorted for other folks .... lots of stitching in order as it is hermitting weekend sooo a valid excuse love mouse xxxxx