Friday, June 10, 2011

Is it Christmas yet?

In view of the hot weather in many parts of North America (although we're having cool rainy weather here in the west, interspersed with occasional bouts of sunshine), I thought I'd help you cool off by showing a recent finish of a Christmas-themed piece.  Besides which, as I was informed by a young man I know, Christmas is just over 6 months away :) 

Thea Dueck of Victoria Sampler designed this piece, Gingerbread Garden - it's a tiny piece, but took a little longer than I thought it might, as it was full of specialty stitches and a few beads too.  It also has a companion pattern for a tree ornament, but I haven't started that one yet, although I have the linen and threads all set to go for it.   I think I may finish Gingerbread Garden as a little quilted bell-pull/banner, if I can find just the right fabric for it.  But at least I have a while to do this (remind me I said this when the December snows come!). 

I've just finished stitching a model of a new design for a friend, but I won't post a photo of it until she's done that herself, and now I'm getting back to working on two or three unfinished projects - a Monasterium design, an old Drawn Thread sampler, a Derwentwater farm picture, and a couple of Sticklounge undertakings - photos to come next week .....  In the meantime, stay cool :)  


  1. ooo lovely finish :) its a wee bit cooler over here atm :( doesn't the weather know its June love mouse xxxx

  2. My kind of gal, dreaming of Christmas in June :)
    Love the piece, definitely hear Carols when I look at it!

  3. mouse, thanks for your comments - definitely not June weather here even this week, with temps in a day or two hitting the 6-10C range

    Kathy - there were carols playing when I was stitching this one - I don't think our Christmas music ever really gets put away :) Thanks for chiming in :)