Friday, June 24, 2011

Works in Progress

We're finally getting a taste of summer here in the Canadian West - though at the moment our summer includes some sunshine during the earlier part of the day, followed by thunderstorms later on - I snapped this photo an hour or so ago, in bright sunshine, and now heavy rain is pouring from black clouds.  

Time for a short update  - I've been doing lots of stitching, including a couple that I can't show yet!  Two of my newer photos are of "stitch-a-longs" with the Yahoo "Sticklounge" group, an internet group based in Germany that provides original patterns shared with the permission of the designer.  Group members choose which projects we want to stitch, and when we post a photo of a completed section, we receive the chart for the next section.   There are 50 English-speaking and 50 German-speaking members - my high school and college German is being dredged from the back corners of my memory! 

The first is one from Gracewood Stitches, "Heart Note Alley" - it's being stitched from the bottom up.  I'm using DMC cotton threads from France on linen (I think it's an antique white Belfast, but I'm not quite sure of that).  

And my second "stitch-a-long" is a small pattern called "Sommerherz" (Summer Heart) - I'm using two DMC shades, 800 and 472 - I've finished Part 2 of 5.  The photo is a little pale - I'll try to get a clearer photo of the next section when it's completed. 

The photo at the top of this post shows some of my wild roses in the front flower bed - we love them, and the purple sage/salvia is just coming out as well - more pictures later of these native plants.  

I think that's enough for the moment - I'll be back before long to show more of a special project that I've just completed.  


  1. ooo very nice but I love the hearts one the best I think such lovely colours together :)can't wait to see the other bits when you can love mouse xxxx

  2. Thanks, mouse :) - the colours for the heart just "happened" - I glanced at my DMC floss in bags on their rings that I'd been looking through for another project, and those 2 just jumped out at me! Hopefully I'll be stitching the next part after I finish up another piece today.