Saturday, November 5, 2011

Post and run .....

Here's what I'm stitching right now - Vive Le Vent by Isabelle Vautier, using DMC cotton thread on an evenweave cotton fabric.  Hopefully this will become a pillow in time for me to use this Christmas in our living room. 

And now off to join dh in watching a British mystery - I'll stitch at the same time :) 


  1. ooo looking good :) enjoy the mystery :) love mouse xxxx

  2. Beautiful job, Di! No doubt your house will look like that soon :)

  3. Thanks, mouse - the mystery was a good one too, and if it gets too scary on screen, I can concentrate on my stitching for those few moments LOL

    Kathy, I appreciate comments from such an expert stitcher as yourself :) And yes, we're looking forward to a good snowstorm - nothing major in the forecast yet, but as you well know, we both can go from dry ground to snowed in over just a few hours......