Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving stitching

Enough is as a Feast - from Kreinik
This little piece from Kreinik is now one of my favorites - it wasn't intended as a Thanksgiving motto, but  it applies to so many parts of our lives, not just the dinner table :)     It's stitched with Milkpaint Silk Mori threads that were included in the tiny kit, and I used a Silk and Linen fabric in Touchstone colour from  Wichelt.  After stitching the words originally, I decided that the colours for it just weren't right and didn't show up well enough, so I changed them to ones that I think work better.  Finding a frame that would work with the muted silks and the dark fabric was a challenge, but with the artistic eye of my framer Edie on the job, I think this one succeeds.  


  1. ooo very pretty and not seen that one done before :) love mouse xxxx

  2. Thanks, Mouse - I hadn't seen a photo of any completions on this design either, so I was glad it turned out ok.