Monday, April 16, 2012

Miles to go ....

Perhaps not quite miles of backstitching anymore - I can see some kind of light at the end of the tunnel!   I've been working conscientiously, though I had to take a break from my own stitching to complete two small white-on-white liturgical linens for my church to use at Easter. (I was stitching small crosses using a single strand of DMC's Coton a Broder for a stem stitched outline.)

 In Gathering Honey, I've now completed all of the dark brown backstitching in the central garden motifs (except for the bee skep) and in most of the lower right corner.  Six of the twelve bees are finished, so just the other half-dozen to complete, as well as the brown backstitching in the upper left floral section and the detailing in the two outer frames (and the skep, of course)  The citation for the quote needs to be added, and then I'll do the chain stitches (a few more bees and flowers), and then the French knots.  It may be a push, but stay tuned to see if I can have this all done by St. George's Day.  That WOULD be a reason for celebration :)   And once again, thanks for the boosts from the sidelines! 


  1. I'm always amazed at how much difference backstitching can make to a piece. I'm enjoying watching your progress. Great job, Di.


  2. Your piece is so beautiful! It and you are very inspiring. We do have a stash for a reason!

    Sally S