Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stormy skies

Looking west towards the Rockies
I've always loved the huge skies in our part of the country.  Here are some photos that I snapped quickly a day or so ago from a hospital waiting room where I  had to spend several hours.  One advantage of this particular room was a spectacular view over the valley towards the Rockies.  Because of the storm clouds moving in, the mountains aren't really visible - you might, however, be able to catch a glimpse of the Olympic ski jump along the ridge towards the centre of the first photo. 
 A view to the NorthWest
Looking west again - this is the main highway to the Rockies. 

I'd brought along a book to read (well, of course, "don't leave home without it" LOL), and at the last minute had tucked in a little cross-stitched ornament I'd been working on from time to time.  With the amazing light through those floor to ceiling windows, I needed neither extra light nor magnification, and was able to make good progress with it.  It's just  a whimsical little Homespun Elegance piece that will likely be a Christmas gift  this year.  Though it might stay right at home instead :)   Sorry for the fuzziness, I'll take a better photo once it's finished. 

 I'm still making good progress on the two Drawn Thread pieces, albeit a little slow - I'll post photos of those next time.  Thanks for coming along with me on this little diversion :)