Friday, October 19, 2012

A little progress

We've had family staying here for a couple of weeks, so I haven't been able to stitch quite as much as usual.  However, I've completed another section of a long-time UFO, Monasterium's Four Seasons Quaker.  I've finished the Summer section, using Gloriana's Baby Corn silk.  I'd already finished the Spring section, stitched in Belle Soie's Shepherd's Pasture.   Some readers may recall that I'm stitching this piece in very muted shades, and although it may not be everyone's "cup of tea", I'm loving how this is working out (the original information on what I'm doing is posted here.)  The linen is proving to be beautiful, but not easy to work on, as it's very close-woven.  Here's the updated photo:

Monasterium's Four Seasons - Spring and Summer completed

I was also able to add a few stitches to the little Christmas Sampler ornament - a little Blackwork section, some French knots, and a row of "pins" stitch, a tiny satin-type stitch.  About 60% finished - maybe I'll be able to finish up with it this next week, although I'm also aiming to have High Hill Farm finished too.  Stay tuned ........

Christmas Sampler Trio Ornament (Tristan Brooks) - Goodwill to Men

 We've had mostly pleasant weather lately, with some brilliant autumn days.  On one excursion we drove out towards the mountains - here's a quick snap I took on the way through the front window of the car - can you see the snow on the mountains in the distance?   The snow was sparkling and brilliant, though just on the higher peaks so far.  Round hay bales were ready to be picked up soon in the harvested fields, and the colours of the trees and shrubs, though past their peak, were still warm and intense with the golds and rusts common to this area, made even more beautiful by the dark green firs and the blue autumn sky with high white clouds that day. 

Looking to the West
Till next week, happy stitching :) 

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