Monday, April 13, 2015

At least I'm consistent .....

Consistency is about all I can claim at the moment - my last post was April 13, 2014, and here I am exactly a year later :) 

First of all,  for a little touch of spring, here's our table centre from a previous year. 

This past year has been, shall we say, "interesting" with several family matters that needed major attention.   However, through it all I was still able to keep stitching, albeit with some less detailed and smaller pieces than I'd started on earlier in 2014.   For a start, here's a little needlebook I stitched for our Guild exchange in March of 2015.  
We'd exchanged names back in September of 2014 and were asked to stitch a needlebook of any size and design - I chose Sharon Cohen's Sampler Name Tag (from Nostalgic Needle) as the base for mine - the person I was stitching for had expressed a preference for some blue in hers, and said she liked pomegranates and Tudor roses, and this design included all of those!  The stiches used in it were cross-stitch over 1 and over 2, long-armed cross-stitch, satin stitch, eyelet stitch, Queen stitch, straight stitch, backstitch, and double running (possibly a couple of others I've forgotten as well!).  I did like the way it turned out, and the finishing detail of a wrapped silk ribbon. 

Well, that at least makes sure I'm current on one post, and I do (really!) have plans to post more before April of 2016!  Watch this space :)   And thanks to those who emailed me to see if everything was ok - thanks for your concerns, and I hope I haven't missed answering anyone who wrote.  

Till later .....

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