Friday, February 12, 2016

All about stitching (lots!) Pour yourself some tea ......

Well, it is a little dusty around here, isn't it?   But it won't take long to set straight - just give me a few minutes to pull together a few photos of what I've been working on over the past few months.   You might pour yourself a little cup of tea first ...... 

2015 continued to be one of those "interesting" years, but in spite of various distractions and a trip across the country, I did manage to do some stitching.  Most of it still needs to have a final finish, either by framing or by sewing - plans for those are coming along, although finishing isn't my favourite part (and I know I'm not alone in that!)

This first project was a needleroll from Shepherd's Bush, personalized with family names and given as a special present this past autumn.  I finished it myself (and even learned how to do the hemstitching!).  

 Next up was an older long-out-of-print Earth Threads pattern  - Betsy Stinner was a remarkable designer and I thoroughly enjoyed following her pattern that used several specialty stitches with five shades of over-dyed cottons. 
 From a contemporary designer, Paulette Stewart (Plum Street Samplers), comes The BeeKeeper, another pattern that was a joy to stitch. 
 Continuing with bees, I continued to work on Charland's Beehive sampler, a narrow band sampler.  It's not quite finished yet, but I can tell already that it will be another favourite (perhaps they all are!)  
 Several of our Guild members have stitched La-D-Da's "Live Laugh Love" design, and I finally finished my own this year - the Gloriana silks (only three colours) were lovely to work with.   In this photograph it's still on the scroll rods that I use occasionally. 

This tiny ornament, Peace on Earth, from Olde Colonial designs, was mostly over one, and included the lovely burl frame.   I'm tempted to leave it out all year round - the frame has an easel back and is currently on top of my bookshelf.

Lizzie Kate's My Secret Garden was a gift for a special person at Christmas - Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden had been one of her favourite books growing up, and this modern interpretation was just right for her. 
Jeannette Douglas' wonderful Toronto Sampler is almost finished - just a few charms and beads to add.   I love the reminders of my hometown - the Princes' Gates at the CNE, the CN Tower, the harbour, the Canada Geese (maybe at High Park?), the "red rockets" that I often rode on to get around the city, and of course Casa Loma, as well as many other features that Jeannette enlarges on in her notes.   As usual with Jeannette's designs, the specialty stitches are outlined in clear detail.  I'm looking forward to stitching several other of her Canadian-themed designs - Pacific, Prairie, and Northern Samplers are lined up in my basket ready to start this year.  
There were a couple of other pieces too (including one entirely in Hebrew for a special international project), but I don't have photographs of those to share at the moment.   

I'm currently working on Country Stitches "Heap on the Wood", featuring a verse from Sir Walter Scott's Marmion - this primitive-style design will be just right over our fireplace for next winter.  Here's a photo of my progress on it - there's still about half of the design that remains to be stitched. 
Phew!  That's it for now - I promise not to go on quite as long the next time!    

Our winter's been fairly easy this year - although we still have snow on the ground, the cold hasn't been  intense, and we've even had record highs during the past week.  But we still have the remainder of February and March and April to come, the months when we historically have our heaviest snowfall - maybe lots more time for stitching before spring yet!  

Hope that everyone's keeping well!  Till later .......



  1. Que de magnifiques broderies!
    Je ne saurais laquelle est la plus jolie, je pense toutes.
    de France mes amitiés

    1. Merci, Marie Christine - quelles commentaires douces!